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The SōP BAR prides it self in using natural ingredients. The art of making soap dates back centuries. Each batch makes about 9 bars at a time which take
6 weeks to cure Wowza! that's love in each bar.

There are 3 basic ingredients:

Oil + Water + Lye = Soap


Wanting to leave your skin soft and well hydrated. The 6 oils include:

 Coconut Oil | Palm Oil | Canola Oil | Olive Oil | Castor Oil | Vitamin E

The colors come from naturally found colorants and micas.
The scents are a combination of essential oils or fragrances.


The craft of making soap is organic with the pouring of liquid. No bar is ever the same. We may use the same ingredients, the same colors, the same fragrances, but the swirls and layers are ever changing. 


Do not allow your soap to sitting in standing water. As it will melt.


I initially purchased two bars of this soap. After placing them in my soap dish
I found that the uniquely beautiful scents freshened my entire bathroom.
Plus the colors and designs are fabulous!


I had no idea what a great start to the day it is to shower with beautiful soap!
I decided a year ago to stop using any body wash so I don’t add to the landfills. I was on the look out for bar soap. I had used many bars from the store…. Until I came across these beauties. Honestly it was the amazing designs and fun colors that first attracted me. Then, up close the scents were wonderfully dreamy. Now as I stated, when I pop in the shower I am greeted with this gorgeous and heavenly scented bar of soap. I will never go back to
anything else. I have found the best!


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